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How do you know a good carpet let your feet tell you?

Carpet, Northern Beaches Flooring / 14/10/2010 By Home Style Flooring Solutions
How Do You Know Good Carpet

How do you know a good carpet let your feet tell you?

We have many customers, they tell us, their looking for a stylish carpet, to enhance their decor.

Then we ask them. How should it feel on your feet? The funny thing most of them tell us they never considered this aspect.

North Shore Flooring Solutions believes your carpet should look more than just beautiful, it also has to feel sensational on your feet.

Sure the carpets look amazing on your computer screen, but you can only really know, which is the best carpet for you, by touching & feeling the carpet. Feel the texture of the carpet. You need to sink your toes into the carpet.

So why not come on down, Invoke your sense. Touch and feel the carpets.

Imagine the comfortable warm feeling, as you slide your toes through your soft carpet on a cold winter’s morning.

And on hot summer’s day, you’ll be glad you have cool soothing carpet under foot.

So if you’re not sure, which is the right carpet, then all you have to do is rub your hand down the carpet.

It’s all about the feel

How good does it feel?

Close your eyes, what are your feet telling you about the carpet.

Can you feel it? Slide your hand over polyester carpet then over the wool carpet.

You can feel the difference

Sure, it’s OK to buy polyethylene if you’re renting the place out, but if you live there. (Is that really, what you want to walk on?)

Which would you prefer?

Luxurious plush Wool

Beautiful to look at, and wonderful to walk on.

Let your feet feel the floor

So that’s how do you know a good floor let your feet tell you.

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