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Flooring Solutions recommends Bridgestone’s Airstep because its Australian made and is guaranteed

Carpet, Carpet Care, Northern Beaches Flooring / 8/02/2011 By Home Style Flooring Solutions
Bridgestone Airstep Because

Have ever noticed when you go for run, you feel more jarring running on the road, than when you run on grass. It’s the same with your carpets, if you have underlay your feet get less tired.

You see, you can buy the most expensive carpet, but if you don’t lay a decent underlay, then your carpets, won’t feel as good as they should.

When you select a new carpet, you have lot of things to consider – colour, design, construction, amount of foot traffic etc. You want your home to be a warm and welcoming.

Once you’ve chosen your carpet, you still have one important decision, what type of underlay will you use.

You should look for an underlay, which provides cushioning for your feet, giving you a luxurious underfoot feel. It also needs to support your carpet to ensure that you will get the maximum life out of your carpet. The correct support prevents the risk of stretching and bubbling over time, which helps to extend the performance and life of your carpet.

Your underlay also helps to reduce noise and acts as a thermal barrier.

Flooring Solutions recommends Bridgestone’s Airstep because its Australian made and is guaranteed for the ‘Life of the Carpet’ by Bridgestone Australia Limited.


Flooring Solutions recommends Bridgestone’s Airstep

  • Natural – Bridgestone manufactures Airstep underlay with pure natural rubber from rubber trees, “our sustainable resource”.
  • Anti-Microbial – Bridgestone Airstep underlay, without the addition of any chemical additives, shows a natural resistance to fungal growth and therefore does not need to be treated with chemicals. Airstep rubber underlays have been shown not only to resist the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew in itself, but to positively affect connecting surfaces, thus reducing the growth of allergens in the carpet.
  • Asthma And Allergy Friendly – When it comes to Asthma and allergies a well maintained carpet and underlay can actually help to improve the quality of the air. With a hard surface the particles of dust settle on the floor and have a tendency to be disturbed by foot traffic and float back into the air, whereas, with an carpet and underlay, the particles of dust and allergens remain trapped in the carpet. Airstep underlay is dust free, lint free and fibre free, those elements so troublesome to the allergy prone.
  • Ventilation – The unique waffle design allows air to circulate through the valleys removing any dampness.
  • CFC Free – The sponge rubber effect in Airstep rubber is achieved by the release of COgas from Sodium bicarbonate powder, simply Baking Soda. It contains no CFC’s Formaldehyde, or volatile organic compounds.

Your feet will thank you by choosing Airstep underlay and your carpets will last longer.

The underlay is not just for your carpets, it should also be used between your concrete floors and laminated timber flooring, to reduce noise.

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