Flooring Solutions Welcomes Spring on the Northern Beaches

Spring has come to Dee Why Beach

Spring has arrived on  the  Northern Beaches, & to celebrate this Flooring Solutions is giving FREE  Acoustic Underlay when you purchase Floating Floors. That’s Bamboo, Laminates and Timbers floating floors.

Spring has come to Dee Why Beach

So if you have been thinking of updating your floors, then why not consider floating floors, because these are ideal for homes on the Northern Beaches.

Are you tired of trying to clean, that worn out carpet, which is past it’s use by date?

If your Carpets looking tired, then you should consider installing Bamboo, Laminate Flooring or Timber Floors.

Bamboo, Timber and Laminate Flooring gives the appearance of a sleek modern look.

If your’e looking for a dramatic lift, then Bamboo, Timber Flooring or Laminate Flooring will add a stylish change to your house.

To help you make the right choice for your flooring solutions, You should consider these question.

How much traffic does this area get?

Where abouts in the house is the flooring to go?

Do you children and pets?

What colours do you like?

Are there any colours you need to complement?

What do you have on your floors at present?

What’s your budget?

Are you planning to install them your selves or do you Flooring Solutions to lay your flooring.When choosing laminate flooring, bamboo and timber flooring the choices have grown considerably in recent years. You now have a variety of plank widths available, as well as just about any timber finish you can imagine, including many exotic species.

So when you order a floating floor – laminated flooring, bamboo flooring or Timber flooring, Flooring Solutions will give you free 70-100 Harmony Laminate Underlay,

Sound resistant underlayment for use under all laminate and engineered hardwood floating floors

IIC rating of 68 and STC rating of 67

Excellent moisture resistant barrier

Reduces ambient noise200mm overlap with adhesive strip for installation

Outstanding compression resistance over time

Ideal for multi-level dwellings
Which either way you go, Timber Flooring or Laminated Flooring will add a new dimension to your home.

If you need help on the Northern Beaches, then talk to Tony at Flooring Solutions on 02 9939 7779 or Call Tony on 0412 629 932 or come down to Homestyle Flooring Solutions 3/24 Winbourne Road BrookvaleNSW 2100


Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bamboo Floor


Caring for Bamboo flooring is the same as for any timber flooring. Bamboo flooring is a naturally tough and hardwearing floor.  It is finished with seven coats of high quality water based aluminium oxide and will, if cared for properly, give your establishment many years of service.



  • Prevent dirt, grit and sand from getting inside your building as much as possible by using dirt-trapping walk-off mats at all entrances.  These mats should be cleaned regularly.
  • Avoid walking on floor with stiletto shoes. Keep high heels in good repair – worn heels with exposed metal will dent any floor surface, even concrete!
  • Keep pet claw’s trimmed to avoid excessive scratching.
  • Be careful when moving heavy furniture or appliances. Lift them or slide them slowly over the floor on a clean piece of upturned carpeting or thick felt.
  • Use floor protector pads on the feet of all furniture.
  • Do not use rugs with rubber or vinyl backing or coir mats in high traffic areas.

General Care

Use electrostatic mop or vacuum with a brush head daily for best results.  Remove wet spills, grease and food marks promptly using a cloth wet with water.  As with all types of flooring, prolonged exposure to water will result in cupping and swelling of the boards.  Watch for leaky taps under benches and inside cupboards!


Sweep daily with a soft and dry electrostatic sweep mop.  Do not use oil impregnated mops – these spread a thin film which could cause slipping.  Loose grit can damage a bamboo floor very quickly when trodden into the surface.


We recommend you mop your floor weekly (and more frequently if necessary), using a commercial, non ammonia, neutral PH cleaner, such as Peerless Versadet or Citrus Resources Orange Squirt or Bona Floor Cleaner, that will remove dirt and grime but not damage or bleach the boards. Use as little water as possible. Follow the instructions as directed by the manufacturer.

Recommended Cleaning products

We recommend the following cleaning and maintenance products for timber flooring. Please refer to manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions.

Bona Timber floor maintenance products  www.ezifloor.com.au

Citrus Resources www.citrusresources.com.au

Peerless Timber Cleaning products www.peerlessjal.com.au


Proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your floor before needing to recoat.  Recoating should happen when traffic patterns have appeared in your finish. If the floor is really worn or damaged re-sanding and coating may be necessary.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for recoating systems.

Article Supplied by Eco Flooring Systems

Flooring Solution Supply and Install Eco Flooring System's BambooFlooring Solution Supply and Install Eco Flooring System’s bamboo flooring

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