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What is the difference between Strandwoven (BT Strand), Classic (BT Bamboo) and Engineered bamboo flooring?

Manufacturing Process

  • BT STRAND is constructed from strips of bamboo that have been coated in glue and compressed under intense pressure and heat.
  • BT BAMBOO is constructed from strips of bamboo laminated together in either a vertical or horizontal manner.
  • ENGINEERED products are constructed from 4mm layer of either strand or vertical laminated onto 9.5mm poplar+1.5mm fir.
Vertical Horizontal Engineered
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Aesthetic choice

  • BT BAMBOO – unique blonde colour. Clean cut lines, accentuates the natural beauty of bamboo as the knots of the bamboo are visible.
  • BT STRAND – more “natural” look, looks more like timber not bamboo
  • ENGINEERED – wide 190mm boards, super matt coating 

Colour choice

  • BT BAMBOO – Light Sand very blonde pale hues; Carbonated Amber a golden colour
  • BT STRAND – Natural more wheaty colour, Coffee darker colour. Stained options: White & Espresso available.
  • ENGINEERED – Light Sand or White Sand vertical; Natural or Coffee strandwoven 

Installation method preferred

  • BT BAMBOO – direct stick or secret nail
  • BT STRAND – direct stick T&G or float with locking system
  • ENGINEERED – float with locking system 


  • BT BAMBOO – 15mm solid bamboo
  • BT STRAND – 14mm & 12mm solid bamboo
  • ENGINEERED – Engineered with 3 layers of 4mm top layer of bamboo/9.5mm poplar/1.5mm fir 


  • BT BAMBOO – 90/152 mm wide x 15mm
  • BT STRAND – 130/137mm x 14mm & 125mm x 12mm
  • ENGINEERED – 190mm x 15/4mm 


  • BT BAMBOO – Janka 8.6 (harder than most pale coloured timbers). Softer underfoot.
  • BT STRAND – Janka 15 (harder than most dark coloured timbers). Very hard underfoot. 

Coating choice

  • BT BAMBOO – Trefferts, aluminium oxide, 7 layers, satin, gloss or commercial R10 slip resistant coating.
  • BT STRAND – Trefferts, aluminium oxide, 7 layers for 12mm, 13 layers for 14mm
  • ENGINEERED – Bona, aluminium oxide, 9 layers 

Green accreditation

  • BT BAMBOO – meet E1 international standard.
  • BT STRAND – meet E1 international standard.
  • ENGINEERED – meet E1 international standard.
  • All suitable for green star projects 

Full product specifications, installation instructions, warranty as well as image gallery are available on our web site, or call our office for further information.

Timbernate Timber Range

This is Timbernate  real timber veneer .6 mm  looks fantastic  and half price of floating or solid , great product.

Timbernate has patented* “state of the art” technique providing the hardness needed to produce an extremely strong veneered flooring product with excellent indentation and scratch resistance. *Australian Patent pending No2011236087.

Timbernate uses 100% Australian species timber, locally sourced from Australian PEFC certified suppliers, suitable for the harsh Australian climate. It is an ecoSelect timber with the benefits of being environmentally friendly and using reconstituted products